From its founding until today, FRIGO TRANS HELLAS S.A. has taken decisive evolution and modernization steps, which can be expressed and analyzed in two major domains: storage and distributions.


In the storage domain, acknowledging the continuously increasing demands of the market for the rendering of combined logistics services, we created a modern storage center in a key location for the complete transport, physical distribution and storage of products.

The company's contemporary commercial center is situated in Dyo Pefka in Aspropyrgos, Attica, with direct access to Attiki Odos ring road (4th exit), in a built area of 2.400 m², within a site of total surface of 10.000m², created for storage and distribution of sensitive products, which need a special storage area as well as an invariable temperature.

In particular, there are refrigerating rooms of 230m², containing modern automatic refrigerators, connected through a notification alarm with a collaborating security company, which is notified via an automatic telephone station in case of failure, variability in temperature etc.

These rooms have a refrigeration capacity of 350 CBM, 2°- 8° C temperature, and the rest of the warehouse has nine air-conditioned units with a capacity of 350.000 BTU each, which provide for an invariable temperature of 18°- 25° C.

They also provide:

- Fire safety
- Direct and continuous connection with a public hospital, the police and the fire department.
- Contemporary administration information system S.A.P., providing easy order-taking in an electronic form.

Using contemporary technologies for the storage of sensitive products, we employ specialized and trained personnel with excellent knowledge and high professional level.

In order to immediately confront the possibility of a telecommunications and electricity disconnection, the facilities' operation is securely independent and incessant (on a 24 hour basis).


In the distribution domain, both on a national and an international level, and for the complete satisfaction of our clients, we provide:

- Modern refrigerator trucks for Attica and major Greek cities with the ability ti control temperature if asked
- Immediate and due time delivery of orders through an extensive network of associates developed within the Greek state
- Experienced and specialized truck drivers
- Insurance coverage of the merchandise, to the extent of our responsibility, unless there is a different agreement
- Through our cooperation with the German company FRIGOTRANS G mb H, there is capability of transports of full and groupage cargos from and to countries of Western Europe as well as full cargos from Poland and Russia with a perspective of network expansion towards other eastern countries
- Telematic system (teletracking) for online administration
- Electronic temperature observation system throughout the trip
- Trip observation through GPS
- Complete administrative organization and support with flexible adjustment of our services to the clients' needs

Our refrigerator trucks and trailers are modern and follow the European specifications.